Precious Memories: Queen Elizabeth II and Hong Kong Lion Rock

The Queen of Two Dollars



為了悼念英女皇的離世,我畫了這一幅作品:Precious Memories: Queen Elizabeth II and Hong Kong Lion Rock。




I grew up in Hong Kong during the British colonial period, and when I was very young, I had $2 to buy snacks every day at school. Therefore, the coin with the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is a coin that I am familiar with. For me as a child, these two dollars were so ordinary and constant, that I never imagined that the coin’s avatar would one day be replaced, nor did I imagine that Queen Elizabeth II would pass away.

Now that I’ve grown up, the coin’s avatar has long since changed. Then one day, I suddenly learned of the Queen’s passing. It felt very sudden as if I felt the passing of an era and a memory. It was no doubt that I had a very happy childhood, and Hong Kong was also splendid at that time.

To mourn the passing of the Queen, I painted this artwork: Precious Memories: Queen Elizabeth II and Hong Kong Lion Rock。

We say that the spirit of Lion Rock is the spirit of Hong Kong people. It represents the perseverance attitude of Hong Kong people because of a TV series called “Under the Lion Rock” in the 70s. I think that the Lion Rock in Kowloon is not only a spirit of perseverance but also represents the golden age of Hong Kong in the 80s, which we all loved.

The two-dollar coin with the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II contains delightful memories of my childhood, and I believe it also contains precious memories that we Hong Kong people will not forget. Therefore, I used these two-dollar coins to fill the Lion Rock showing that our sweet memories would not be forgotten. And Queen Elizabeth II is also a remembered lady for us.

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