My Favourite Artwork

To review my artwork this year, “E. Ding with Puppies” is the series I like the most😃. E. Ding plays and sleeps with puppies which are my wishes hoping to come true. Unfortunately, I am afraid of dogs, even puppies. Some dogs wanted to play with me when I was walking at the park. But I usually said “No” to them as I was very frightened🙈.
Surprisingly, a dog comforted me one day❤️. While I was upset and wept quietly, a dog ran to me and my husband. The dog gave a ball to my husband and wanted to play with him. After playing “Throw and Catch” several times, I smiled and forgot my sadness🥰. It seemed to me that the dog was my doctor and I was his grateful patient. To be truthful, I wholeheartedly wish to play with dogs joyfully in the future🎉.

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