I have liked deer so much since I had a glass deer ornament in childhood. The pretty and elegant posture of the deer attracted me so much. But I had never imagined painting a deer until I became an artist. Some of my paintings are reindeer and sika deer for my solo exhibitions. It was …

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I love the sky

I love the sky. When I was in Hong Kong, the sky was very small because of the tall buildings. I seldom saw the rainbow, only saw it once or twice over my life. I didn’t know how beautiful the sunset was. But now, the amazing sunset has touched my heart. And the rainbow often …

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Heart of Tree (sold)

Tree of Heart

His name is “TOH”, which means Tree of Heart (心樹子). I had created a series of TOH from sadness many years ago. I lived in the countryside and there were many trees near my home. One day, a big old tree fell down completely after being attacked by a strong typhoon. I felt upset, cried …

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