Easter Magic Ribbon

This is an Easter story about forgiveness and love, which are also the meaning of Jesus Christ’s salvation. For this reason, I want to send Easter blessings through this story. Wishing you a lovely Easter with your family and friends!

Huh? Why does E.Ding ran so fast? E.Ding has a special event at home today because Easter is coming, so she is full of anticipation and wants to run home quickly. She will play with her good friends Fragrance and Spicy. They keep running together. They imagine themselves as racing cars filled with gas, happily heading to E.Ding ‘s house.

Their special event today is to prepare for the Easter games. This game is called “Easter Egg Hunt”.

The game is like this: On Easter Day, E.Ding’s mother collects colourful Easter eggs in different places, then E.Ding, Fragrance and Spicy carry their Easter baskets to look for Easter eggs. Whoever finds the most Easter eggs wins.

In order to prepare for the “Easter Egg Hunt”, E.Ding and the others agreed to paint Easter eggs at E.Ding’s house and make their own Easter baskets.

At home, E.Ding’s mother have already prepared what they need: a lot of eggs and paints. Mother put them all on the table. When they paint different patterns on the eggs with different colours, the unique Easter eggs are completed.

E.Ding, Fragrance and Spicy paint Easter eggs very carefully. Although there are still some Easter eggs that have not been painted, they are already talking about which Easter egg they like the most.

E.Ding likes the Easter egg painted with many colourful flowers because E.Ding likes flowers very much. Spicy likes the Easter egg which has a smile on it because he hopes everyone to be happy. And Fragrance likes the big butterfly Easter egg because she thinks the Easter egg with a bow is like a gift. The Easter eggs are so pretty and lovely, so they really enjoy having a good time drawing them.

But E.Ding has to leave for a while because she wants to go to the bathroom.

Ah! When E.Ding turns around, she feels her hand touch something, and then she hears the sound of something falling to the ground. At the same time, she hears “Si~~~”.

What exactly does she drop?

E.Ding looks at the floor curiously, she is petrified! She dropped Fragrance’s favourite Easter egg! E.Ding carefully picks up the Easter egg, not knowing what to do. Because she sees that the Easter egg had cracks.

Looking at the cracks on the Easter egg, E.Ding is very upset. She knows that Fragrance would be very sad, and she doesn’t know how to restore the Easter egg. She keeps saying sorry to Fragrance. Fragrance is a little bit unhappy, but she says to E.Ding:

” E.Ding, it’s okay! I forgive you because I can draw another big butterfly Easter egg!”

When E.Ding hears Fragrance’s forgiveness, she smiles slightly. She thanks Fragrance and says that she would also draw a big butterfly Easter egg for her.

Spicy says he wants to draw one too.  All of them want to paint a big butterfly Easter egg now! Will this Easter be full of butterfly eggs?

However, there are tears trying to escape from E.Ding ‘s eyes. E.Ding is still thinking about the broken Easter egg. She finds that when she did something wrong that she can’t fix, she feels a deep sorrow in her heart. Moreover, she also feel miserable for making Fragrance upset.

Both Spicy and Fragrance askes E.Ding what happened, E.Ding says: “I broke Fragrance ‘s favourite Easter egg, and it couldn’t be fixed.”

Fragrance says to E.Ding: “I am even more unhappy now because I have something missing.”

“What are you missing?”

“My good friend called Joyful E.Ding is gone. I want her to come back!”

E.Ding suddenly understands that Fragrance and she both want each other to be happy, so she can’t be sad anymore.

She should be very grateful to have two good friends, Fragrance and Spicy. E.Ding smiles joyfully because she thinks her good friends are so wonderful.

Both Fragrance and Spicy say, “Come on, E.Ding, let’s paint the most beautiful Easter eggs in the world!”

E.Ding, Fragrance and Spicy finally drew all the Easter eggs, they are so cheery! They love the Easter eggs so much that they don’t give the Easter eggs to E.Ding ‘s mother immediately. They put the Easter eggs together and want to accompany their Easter eggs more.

Spicy also did something that made them all happier than playing “Easter Egg Hunt”, so they all jump for joy.

What is it? Spicy ties ribbon bows on E.Ding’s and Fragrance’s hands. Spicy himself doesn’t have one, because he says he is a boy and doesn’t wear a butterfly, but he also ties a ribbon on his hand. Neither Fragrance nor E.Ding know what was going on, Spicy say:

“This is called ‘Magic Easter Ribbon’. When we do something wrong or get angry with our friends, it will use magic to remind us that we want to be cheerful with our friends!”

E.Ding and Fragrance think it is really great! Yes, the “Magic Easter Ribbon” on their hands means that they are good friends forever. Although they haven’t played the “Easter Egg Hunt” yet, they have already found the treasure. The treasure is their good friends: E.Ding, Fragrance and Spicy!

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