A Little Fairy

It was storybook time but Mable, a little girl, didn’t want to read any books in the room.  She pulled away the books whenever we tried to give her some interesting books. At that moment, I said to her:

“How about this one?”

She stopped to pull away the books and looked at the new “book” in front of her. The “book” was so strange, she might think. She kept looking at the “book” made of my hands. I put my pawns together and they looked like an open book. While she was thinking, one of my hands became a fairy and flew to Mable’s shoulder.

“A fairy comes out and she loves you so much!”

However, little Mable didn’t want the fairy to get close to her. The fairy then flew away. I asked Mable:

“Will the fairy come again?”

Mable nodded her head gently and waited for the fairy.

“Where is the fairy?” I asked.

Mable pointed to a table and said: “Over there!”

It was a pleasant moment for me to go into an imaginary world with a little girl.

Thank you, Mable, for your beautiful heart!

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