Love you

Some people say: “You will never know how much your mother loved you until you become one.”

I’m not a mother, but I realise the depth of my mother’s love when I get older. My mom asked me to phone her every day when I was going to my primary graduation camp, which was the first time to left home for a few days. I fulfilled this request, but now I know it was love instead of a request. My mom missed me and worried about me, so she wanted to hear my voice and share my happiness every day.

I phone my mom daily again because she’s in Hong Kong and I’m living in the UK. However, in the first few days after my shoulder was broken, I hadn’t told her my injury. I didn’t want to worry her. But later when she knew I was hurt, she said to me: “You have to tell me whatever you face in life, okay?”

My mom is standing by me in this difficult time. Whenever I talk about the progress in recovery, she listens to understand. I will never be alone because I have my mom always there for me. Her love is unconditional and powerful.

Mother, you hold such a special place in my heart. Thank you so much for your love!

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