Blue and green should never be seen

“Blue and green should never be seen”? I heard this traditional saying from my friend recently. It’s quite interesting but why blue and green can’t be a good combination?

I found a saying that it will have bad luck if a boat is painted green. It may become invisible when capsized because ocean blue and green are very similar. But I think blue and green go well together to create a beautiful and restful impression such as peacock furs and bluebells. They are a good combination for paintings, dressing styles and other situations as well.

I have a preference for colour matching. For example, purple and blue are my favourite partners in my paintings. However, I also love to explore more combinations that I had never imagined. It may positively surprise me like an adventurous journey.

The things that you never try may become your preference sometimes. I believe that letting ourselves have more possibilities may bring us fantastic experiments.

Let’s enjoy blue and green now, do they look pretty together?

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